Clutch Women™ bags are stadium regulation size purses for women who love sports and style, but don't love showing off their purse contents with clear bags. 

Clutch Women™ was invented by Sarah Colonna, a comedian and actress who also happens to be married to NFL punter Jon Ryan.  After attending tons of games, she got tired of carrying a clear purse—sometimes a girl needs her privacy.  Plus, why not carry a bag you love, just like you do in your daily life?  Our Clutches are easy on the eyes, so you can use them outside of the stadium too...perfect for a night (or day) on the town.

All of our purses are lined with personal messages about what makes you a "Clutch" woman.

All bags fit the stadium policy (4.5 x 6.5) and can be worn on the shoulder, cross body, or even around the waist!  The multi functional/adjustable strap fits the needs of every woman.



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