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Why Clutch?

Clutch Women bags (Patented) are stadium regulation size purses for women who love sports and style, but don't love showing off their purse contents with clear bags. 

And we don't want to be just another line of purses: since we believe in positive messaging, each bag is lined with personal, empowering messages about what makes YOU a CLUTCH woman.

Did we mention our purses are really cute and made with great materials? That means you can use it outside of the stadium, too.

All bags fit the NFL policy (4.5 x 6.5) along with many other sports & venues that allow this specific size.  They can be worn on the shoulder, cross body, or even around the waist!  The multi- functional, removable strap fits the needs of every woman.

Clutch Women bags are proudly made in the USA.

While all of our Clutches are made to fit the size stadiums require, we are not licensed or partnered with the NFL.  Our designs are our own!

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