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Questions?  We got you.

What is your return policy?

If you're unsatisfied for any reason, just return your bag (undamaged) within 10 days for a full refund. 
Just email your return request to and we will process it for you.

***No refunds on bulk orders (5 or more) or special request orders.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MC, American Express and Discover

Will my bag work for any Stadium or Event?

The size of our Clutches follow the NFL, CFL, as well as most college, Baseball, Hockey, Basketball and concert and event venue guidelines - as stated in the "All Clear" policy - or any policy stating a Small Clutch is allowed.  Clutch Women Handbags were designed to follow the regulations of those stadiums, which state they allow  "Small clutch bags, approximately the size of a hand, with or without a handle or strap," and those bags must be no larger than 4.5x6.5 (so guess what size ours are?!)


Some stadiums & events will even have a "bag sizer" upon entrance and our clutches meet them. 

For events that require a "Flat" Clutch (1" thick only allowed) our Wristlets and Elevated Fanny Packs meet those dimensions!  Always check if Fanny Packs are allowed - and those can also be carried as a Clutch if needed (cheers to long adjustable straps!).

See it in use in stadiums on our Photo and Video page!


You can read the NFL Policy here:

CFL Policy here:

An example of a Concert Venue with the rule we meet here:


"No Bag" Policy example that allows for a Wristlet, like ours!

We know every once in a while you might get a security guard who isn't clear on the rules,  so knowing the policy is always handy;  I always have a screenshot of venue guidelines.  Our bags meet the measurements listed on their policy, so we can't be responsible if a security guard doesn't follow that guideline.


However, we cannot guarantee these bags will meet the requirements of every stadium, so double check that your stadium doesn't have a different policy of its own that is separate from the standard.  Security implements the right to allow which handbags will be allowed into the stadium.

What material do you make your clutches with?

We use a Vegan material that feels very similar to leather. It's the one true stain resistant urethane material that looks and feels most like real leather.  The exterior is stain and water resistant.  These are nice clutches that will last for a long time, which was very important to me when I founded the company.  All clutches are proudly handmade in the USA.

Our Denim Clutches are made from 100% All Natural Cotton.

What are some other features of the material?

Vegan Leather Material:

-Meets or surpasses industry performance standards for strength, resistance to abrasion & hydrolysis
-Water resistant.  Stain shield is part of the fabric. Stains wipe off with a clean cloth. It can be cleaned repeatedly without resulting in surface damage.
- Anti-bacterial and mildew resistant.
- Phthalate and formaldehyde free. It also meets state and federal flammability requirements.

Denim Material:

-Spot Clean Only

What's with the writing on the inside?

Our purses are each lined with personal messages written by Sarah about what makes you a "clutch" woman.  You're strong, you're independent, you're fearless...and we just want to remind you.

Will you add more colors to your collection?

Absolutely.  We are always expanding our collections.  The business was self-started, so we are investing in what we can as quickly as we can, and as we find the right colors in our material.  If you have a suggestion for what color you'd like to see added,  feel free to email Sarah through the contact email below. 


If we don't carry a Two-Toned Clutch that matches your favorite team yet, try one of our Solid Black or Navy clutches; they compliment any gear and are incredibly popular due to their versatility for rocking them at other events and evenings out.


If we add your specific team colors within 6 months of your purchase, and you'd prefer that one, we will swap the clutch out at no cost (provided your clutch isn't damaged.  Shipping costs will apply).

***Our Clutches are designed to meet the requirements given by the NFL, but we are not licensed or partnered with them.  Our designs are our own and are Patented.

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